The New Music Column: I Am Electro Boy

As I began to write this post about electro I found myself embroiled in a rant about ‘new rave’. It was very dull, so instead here is an article which basically sums up my feelings on the matter. With that out of the way I’d like to share with you a few bands who play what I like to call ‘indie with keyboards’.

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The Hashmark Week 19/4/07 With The Poetry Corner

A short word from the editor concerning the current state of affairs: This week saw one of our best ever days, mainly due to some expert publicity and JR2015’s mammoth local gallery review:

“I want to write this article as a sliver of the fine art exhibition culture in both my home county, Devon, and its more creatively cultured foil, Cornwall.”

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Bob Dylan – ‘Subterranean Homesick Blues’: A Short Film

“I made this a while ago but it was taken off youtube and needs to see the light of day again.” – James Price


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Around and About – Art in Devon and Cornwall

As a student of Art History, I always feel like I don’t go to enough exhibitions. Actually, I know I don’t. But I did go to see two shows this Easter break, which were both rather enjoyable, not only for the work but in the way they engaged with their local environment (or perhaps failed to, in certain aspects). I want to write this article as a sliver of the fine art exhibition culture in both my home county, Devon, and its more creatively cultured foil, Cornwall.

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The Rest Of The Internet: Anonymity

Many of the debates that rage around the internet today have to do with anonymity. Most of the time, on the national news networks, you see people referring to it in relation to oppressive regimes that regulate internet use in an attempt to keep their people stupid, China and north Korea being the classic examples. People living under these regimes need to stay anonymous when they use the internet to express their opinions or they’re going to vanish forever, Stalin style.

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The Roaming Football Column: 7-1 to the ‘Champions’???

_42785567_ronaldo2031.jpgOkay, I’ll admit it, I’m a Man United fan. Some may call me a glory supporter, but that’s just because they support Sheffield United. Who are rubbish. In truth, my Dad supported United since they were in the old Second Division, and his devotion left me with no choice in the mater – I was born a United fan.

So when I sat down on Tuesday night, I was quite worried. It was moments before the second leg of the Champions’ League Quarter Finals, and Man U had lost the away leg 2-1 at Roma, requiring them to get a 1-0 win or better to get through to the next round. At the weekend they had lost to Portsmouth (Oh the shame!) and hence allowed Chelsea to move up to only three points behind them in the Premier League. Worst case scenarios were rushing through my head, and they went something like this:

We lose to or draw with Roma and go out of the Champion’s League. This destroys our confidence and we get knocked out of the FA Cup (God forbid by Watford), and furthermore lose or draw a couple of games in the Premiership and lose that – allowing Chelsea to possibly collect the treble while we skulk home, trophyless, and cry ourselves to sleep to REM’s ‘Everybody Hurts’. Continue reading

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A Sunshine Experience: Tropicalia Revisited

gilbertogil.jpgFirstly thanks to Duncan for filling in for me last week, reviewing Joanna Newsom’s marvellous album Ys. My chosen album to enlighten you all with today was to be Dreaming with Alice by Mark Fry. Unfortunately though Mr Pascoe stole my CDs, one of which was this most treasured acid folk album. Cited by some as the epitome of the genre, it is a rare album to find, until recently only realistically available as a bootleg, once I am returned this item I will share it with you all. So where do I go now? I think that I must return to the place where I came.

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