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Michaelmas and Me: 4/16 and the Internet

Perhaps I am encroaching on Tristan’s territory (see The Rest of the Internet); if so, I apologise, but this week I’m going to look at the role of the internet in the development of the story surrounding the Virginia Tech massacre (what has become known, to Americans, as 4/16 – I can’t help but feel that they have a predilection for branding events in overly-simplistic terms).

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The Rest Of The Internet: 2ch

The Internet has a secret. A secret that makes no effort at all to hide itself, but by its very nature will always remain a secret. This secret is very powerful, so powerful that it crashed the American magazine Time, created a popular motion picture and has destroyed and created many celebrities; so powerful that it has more imitation sites then wikipedia, that it could be sued for £20,000 and shrug it off with sarcasm. It goes by many names: futaba channel, 2channel, 2 leaves, 2-chan, 2ch, but principally by it’s real name, 2ちゃんねる (Editor’s note: wordpress doesn’t like Japanese characters, so content yourself with the novelty of question marks.)

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