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Michaelmas and Me: 4/16 and the Internet

Perhaps I am encroaching on Tristan’s territory (see The Rest of the Internet); if so, I apologise, but this week I’m going to look at the role of the internet in the development of the story surrounding the Virginia Tech massacre (what has become known, to Americans, as 4/16 – I can’t help but feel that they have a predilection for branding events in overly-simplistic terms).

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Michaelmas And Me: Hangovers, Rampant Mentalism and GTA IV

hangover_squarecropped_s.jpgThis week, the phrase “taking a quick stroll around Hangover square” entered common parlance (for me, anyway). Tingling with alcoholic regret, it is the sentence which best defines Patrick Hamilton’s masterpiece novel, the name of which is drawn from the aforementioned quote. The story of schizophrenic George Harvey Bone, it centres largely around the drunken community of 1930s Earl’s Court – the pubs, the blurred black and white charm and the loneliness of the hopeless, delusional drunk.

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I Understand How, But I Don’t Understand Why #3

A collective mumbling with jr2015 –

“Save the Cheerleader, Save the world”

I was moaning the other day that British television has become really awful recently but really, it was a foolhardy comment. The Beeb is still the worlds greatest television network even though the BBC Three experiment may be faltering and its budget has been reigned in. Its subtle integrations into the internet are proving successful and it provides me with regular selection intelligent entertainment such as Top Gear, Never Mind the Buzzcocks and Panorama. Just ignore the new Fame Academy style Musical show hosted by Graham Norton arriving soon.

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