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Michaelmas and Me: 4/16 and the Internet

Perhaps I am encroaching on Tristan’s territory (see The Rest of the Internet); if so, I apologise, but this week I’m going to look at the role of the internet in the development of the story surrounding the Virginia Tech massacre (what has become known, to Americans, as 4/16 – I can’t help but feel that they have a predilection for branding events in overly-simplistic terms).

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Michaelmas And Me: Whose Web Is It Anyway?

This week seems to have been divided into separate segments, mainly following the course of ‘If on a Winter’s Night a Traveler’ by Italo Calvino, the story of several novels which, amid confusion, become confused. Confused? So was I.

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Michaelmas And Me: Hangovers, Rampant Mentalism and GTA IV

hangover_squarecropped_s.jpgThis week, the phrase “taking a quick stroll around Hangover square” entered common parlance (for me, anyway). Tingling with alcoholic regret, it is the sentence which best defines Patrick Hamilton’s masterpiece novel, the name of which is drawn from the aforementioned quote. The story of schizophrenic George Harvey Bone, it centres largely around the drunken community of 1930s Earl’s Court – the pubs, the blurred black and white charm and the loneliness of the hopeless, delusional drunk.

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Michaelmas and Me: Skywalks, Slavery and Steve McLaren

Michaelmas and Me – the new name for Cultural Meanderings. It has nothing to do with the Christian calendar – it’s merely a reference to my favourite cafe.celebrating7.jpg

I seem to remember that at the end of last week’s piece I mentioned that Jim Morrison would be the subject of this article; he won’t. I will, instead, be looking at a book that covers a rather topical talking point: slavery. The book is an extract from Olaudah Equiano’s autobiography ‘The Interesting Narrative’ (1789), called ‘Sold As A Slave’. The autobiography in question was a bestseller at the time, made a celebrity of its author, and gained the campaign for the abolition of the slave trade a lot of credence. Pretty impressive for a former slave.

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