The Hashmark Week 19/4/07 With The Poetry Corner

A short word from the editor concerning the current state of affairs: This week saw one of our best ever days, mainly due to some expert publicity and JR2015’s mammoth local gallery review:

“I want to write this article as a sliver of the fine art exhibition culture in both my home county, Devon, and its more creatively cultured foil, Cornwall.”

We also had a somewhat biased Roaming Football Column, the return of the Baguette, and a new story from the ever-controversial Reverend:

“By the way, I wish to congratulate Mark on consistently provoking lots of comments.” – Frank

We also had a new Sunshine Experience:

“Best Sunshine Experience Ever! – you will have to share this joy with the world somehow jim” – JR


And there was a new film from James Price, who seems to have become something of a Hashmark regular.


To look forward to this week: Trumpeter’s Iranian epic.


Poetry corner (it’s back! wahey!):



According to Wikipedia,



Tokelau doesn’t have a capital.


Never heard of Tokelau?


There’s a facebook group for that you know


Nelly says there’s no equal


Only she says it in Spanish, or Portuguese


I think she’s Portuguese


So she’s probably singing Portuguese


Those flowers are alive


In the awful sense of the word


Don’t look too hard or else they’ll get eyes


But they already have them, didn’t you know?


And we come to the hidden tracks


Hidden in the metaphorical sense


So well hidden you’d need a magnifying glass –


The wrong way around


Don’t find something that isn’t there.


Tokelau doesn’t have a capital by Med II






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