A Sunshine Experience: Tropicalia Revisited

gilbertogil.jpgFirstly thanks to Duncan for filling in for me last week, reviewing Joanna Newsom’s marvellous album Ys. My chosen album to enlighten you all with today was to be Dreaming with Alice by Mark Fry. Unfortunately though Mr Pascoe stole my CDs, one of which was this most treasured acid folk album. Cited by some as the epitome of the genre, it is a rare album to find, until recently only realistically available as a bootleg, once I am returned this item I will share it with you all. So where do I go now? I think that I must return to the place where I came.


On this overcast summer’s day, drifting through the crowds of aimless people, the light coming across the seas of time keeps my heart warm in the breeze. Gilberto Gil and Caetano Veloso are the fathers to the Tropicalia movement. In Gil’s 1968 self titled album, he is backed by the legendary Os Mutantes. The album has a similar vibe to the latter’s album, completely contradictory to the melancholia in the air. My headphones light with the energy that time cannot contain, such beauty and passion is not often recorded in this world, but certainly the charming meanderings of the Bossa Nova, whimsical orchestration from string and brass sections, and lyrics about the political unrest in Brazil, LSD and girls is beyond the constraints of history. The height of modern chic, Tropicalia is making a relaxed push into the present day. Os Mutantes have toured recently, and Gilberto Gil is expected to tour later this year.


His second album is a pivotal point in history; after this album was released he was extradited to Europe along with Caetano Veloso, returning later, in 1971. The 60s cool is often just too good. Like Burt Bacharach in many respects, the laid back flute sounds floating over your head, dirty trombone sounds all backed by a fantastic array of percussion and the Aeolian vocal harmonies made so familiar by the Beatles. With the summer well underway I know what I will be listening to whilst dozing in the park, though with those nova beats it’s hard not to get up and just groove.



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One response to “A Sunshine Experience: Tropicalia Revisited

  1. Best Sunshine Experience Ever! – you will have to share this joy with the world somehow jim.

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