The Baguette: “Young Stilton and Redcurrent Jelly Sandwich; Bread: Brown, Stone-ground”

The column that seems to be wavering on the edge of Hashmark obscurity, musical meanderings themed around an even more scrumptious topic; great sandwiches.

This holiday I actually got round to acquiring Deerhoof’s Friend Opportunity, and mostly out of hipster greed, also picked up their previous album, The Runners Four.

The latter has actually proved to have a much larger hold on my subconscious, becoming quite delicious. The band, if you don’t already know of them, is a fluctuating Deerhooflineup from San Francisco, with core members Satomi Matsuzaki (vocals, bass), John Dietrerich (guitar) and Greg Saunier (drums, vocals). Listed everywhere as experimental, this is only because their very individual take on the pop track is always filled to bursting with ideas and classic song twists and structures. ‘Delicious’ you say?… well for those of you not familiar of the old format of this column, one tends to associate music with times and places and people, so when I constructed this very simple and tasteful sandwich from the very unlikely remnants of my fridge I can’t help but associate it with Deerhoof’s very unlikely music. What is most important is the mild, cheap stilton which is very like Dieterich’s guitar; a flavour totally different to any other; tangy and filling but not overpowering. This is crumbled in and used sparingly, and as a compliment there is only Matsuzaki’s vocals, red-berry-sweet, not quite saccharine because of its natural pallet, like the jelly which holds the sandwich together. The rhythmic drumming, sometimes hard, sometimes soft, and completely versatile, contains and regulates in minimal ways; as does the brown bread, because white would just make it a weird jam sandwich…

This was a meal that was improvised and was surprisingly successful; a personal classic, perhaps. The Runners Four has also been awarded this title, but like the sandwich I wonder anyone else would find the strange guitar and the even stranger vocals that marvelous and maybe this is really just a matter of individual taste. Below are three of the twenty tracks on the album plus, if you were looking for a something more filling I can offer you the more extreme Lightning Bolt. Think of it as the full baguette version, with less of the cute jelly. Maybe there is some spicy radish involved, or something…

– Because of incompatibility with WordPress, please visit here for the imeem playlist for this article.

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