The Hashmark Week 12/4/07 With What’s Hot, What’s Not

A short word from the editor concerning the current state of affairs: Sorry about there not being an update last week; I was hungover. Despite a dry spell at the start of the week, we’ve had some great material, including ‘Apple Juice’ (a new short film), The Rest of the Internet, and, finally, a new Arty Bit:

“I took it upon myself to take a well earned break” – Chaz

Chaz, you’re fired. We also had a lot of feedback, some positive, some not so complimentary:

“What is this crap?” – Frank

There’s also been a live installment of the New Music Column, which continues to make me feel as though I know what’s going on in the world.

What’s hot: the worlds tallest man, Shezza, Ian Paisley, Saying “yes”, prin journalism, Jeremy Paxman, Quails, Wearing fur, Sting, saying “it’s just not cricket”, glam rock, being square, uniformity, Robert Mugabe’s glasses, youtube, Gin and Tonic, Tintin, Quincy ME, Space races, Crosswords.

What’s not: The Pope, Scorpions, the hashmark, Nick Robinson, Women, Bar codes, The police, Outrage, Gary glitter, Child brohels, Snoop and Diddy (it is just wrong), Robert Mugabe, Catholocism, Shakin your booty, Lager, Human rights, Asterix, Murder she wrote, Vacant expressions, su doku, toeing the line.

To look forward to this week: Hopefully the start of two new columns – watch this space. I’ve been told there will be interviews with members of the proletariat and a whole lot o’ moaning.

Miss anything? Here are our three most popular articles from last week:

The New Music Column: Crossing The Atlantic – By Jamie Holgate

The Rest Of The Internet: Web 2.0 – By Tristan Goss

Frank’s Travels: Roof Tops And Rent Boys – By Francis Hobson


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