Apple Juice – A Short Film

By Will Darkin and Mark Turnock.



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14 responses to “Apple Juice – A Short Film

  1. francishobson

    This is cringeworthy, fantastic sound. It has to be the best yet.

  2. Tristan

    Oh your god, this is awesome.

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  4. luke d

    tense, absolutely fab, looks like you could be film makers yet.

  5. josh

    that was pretty genius.
    I’m never eating an apple again.

  6. jim

    curse you, i was just going to have an apple

  7. This film ruined my enjoyment of a perfectly good Braeburn.

  8. francishobson

    I am going to put more sharp things in apples from this point on.

  9. willy

    It’s actually harder than it looks to conceal a razor blade in an apple.

  10. Maksym Darkin

    Just wonder if you know history of your name. Question to Will Darkin

  11. Will

    not really, my grandfather (a darkin) came from London. where do you live?

  12. I am in Ukraine. I was born in Leningrad. Just finished undergrad program in Canada. I heard Darkin is somewhat common name in England.

  13. Will Darkin

    Darkin is actually a very rare name in England, I have never met anyone outside my close family with the name, although I have seen it a couple of times in phone books. As far as I know, my darkin ancestors have been English, I havent heard of anyone from Ukraine… it would be interesting to find if there was any connection though.

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