The New Music Column: Crossing The Atlantic

A move across the Atlantic for the new music column this week as I present three American bands very much deserving of your attention.

Cold War Kids are a Californian four-piece who I came across whilst browsing The Hype Machine, an excellent source for new music. Combining modern indie rock with blues influences they have created an intriguing sound. Nathan Willett’s vocals (often criticised for being evangelical, but don’t let that put you off) cry out over pounding drums and piano, complemented by subtle guitar and bass. Download ‘Heavy Boots’ from their website.

tv-on-the-radio.jpgClick here to download the epic ‘Wolf Like Me’ by TV on the Radio (pictured). In this case the music really does speak for itself; the band are truly unique. Visit their MySpace to find out more.

Spoon are, apparently, indie giants, having released five albums and developed a large underground following. I say ‘apparently’ as I only recently became aware of them and was surprised to find that they had been recording for almost ten years. Their latest album, ‘Gimme Fiction’, is certainly that of band at the top of their game. Layered vocals float along above the confident thump of the simple drumbeat and guitar stabs in ‘I Turn My Camera On’ (click to download.) Visit their website for more.

(Apologies for this piece being a day late)



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