The New Music Column: The Start Of Something

Bonjour, wie gehts, and welcome to the first edition of the imaginatively titled ‘new music column’. Each week I will present several new, exciting and vaguely similar bands each week, all under the banner of what you might call ‘indie’.

voxtrot.jpgFive-piece Voxtrot (left) hail from Austin, Texas and have a knack for creating indie pop gems. One such gem is ‘The Start Of Something’, a song that skips along, synonymous with summer and good times. Their debut album will be released in May on Beggars Banquet Records. Download the song here. More free tracks are available at their website. (‘Mothers, Sisters, Daughters & Wives’ is highly recommended). Sky Larkin are currently unsigned, but are causing quite a storm in the blogosphere, voted best British act of 2006 by UK bloggers. And with good reason – the Leeds-based trio have already recorded a number of impressive demos, ‘Somersault (notes)’ (download) being the standout track. To listen to/download more tracks visit their Myspace page.





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2 responses to “The New Music Column: The Start Of Something

  1. david

    enjoyed it, but if its weekly can it be longer next week? a bit too short

  2. The Voxtrot track is a good one. I just posted it, myself. I don’t do reviews, though, since you can just d/l and listen yourself.

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