The Hashmark Week 29/3/07 With What’s Hot What’s Not

A word from the editor concerning the current state of affairs: Well, it’s been a good week, but the Sauce is still notable by its absence. I call on everyone to nag, annoy and cajole Pascoe until he gets on with it; it seems he has reverted to his useless former self. But there’s been some good material in its place, beginning on Saturday, and how Jimmy would like to meet David Blue. Sunday saw our three part review of Four Tet (with Steve Reid) live at the Exeter Phoenix Centre:

“the absolute pleasure that was being found on that stage through music was imprinted on the audience in the manner of hypnosis” – JR

There was a huge Arty Bit on Monday, another column from JR on Tuesday, and the welcome return of the Andy Lectures yesterday. Plus, Trumpeter sent in a topical political review of sorts, concerning the EU’s birthday:

“It’s probably the most relevant you’ve written yet.” – Jimmy (Read all the comments here)

High praise indeed. On Monday we also had our first official meeting since the move to the online format, held at the Hashmark Central Offices, or 62 Anthony Road Exeter. Those of you who are interested can view the minutes here.

What’s hot this week: Secretly eating in pubs, losing your grip on reality, Pinteresque pauses punctuating real life, Patrick Hamilton, the EU, David Blue, Ian McEwan, excelusive European beers, biscotti, Timothy B Schmidt, fervent protestations, Shezza, high-powered assault rifles, Steven Wright (not Steve “the big show” Wright (cue round of applause)), taking minutes, Prince William, The Apprentice.

What’s not: Working at B+Q (I’ll never go back, never!), Steve McLaren, CSS script, Iran, J.B Priestley, “the bomb”, dancing like something out of ‘I, Robot’, clinging to your sanity, Debussy, locomotion (doing the…?), Quaker Oats, Quakers, The Society of Friends, Prince, Prince Harry and Mitt Romney.

Miss anything? Here are some of our most popular articles from last week:

Trumpeter: The EU – An Ode To Joy – By Francis Hobson

A Sunshine Experience: The Neil Cowley Trio Displace Time – By Jimmy Cheetham

I Understand How, But I Don’t Understand Why #3 – By JR2015




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