The Hashmark Week 22/3/07 With What’s Hot, What’s Not

A word from the editor concerning the current state of affairs: The Roaming Football Column, since it moved to Fridays, has proved a success:

This week has been a good week”

Thanks for that Ben, you seem to be doing my job for me. In addition to the quality material, we seem to have been converting some sceptics:

“It almost makes me want to start reading the sports pages in newspapers, which is some achievement” – JR (read all the comments here)

We also had a great, if slightly odd, cartoon from Ralph (see it here). But winner1.JPGthe best thing that happened during the course of the last week was definitely the Hashmark being given an award by another blog that specialises in recognising WordPress sites. Proof, if anyone needed it, that we’re genuinely brilliant.

What’s hot: Shezza, 79p coffees, 62 Anthony Road (the new Hashmrk headquarters), winning loads of awards and being EXCELLENT, lying through your teeth, stealing money from pension funds, stealthily increasing income tax, Jeremy Vine, the sound rockets make when they hit important people/things, black skinny ties, Job Centre Plus, Steve Reid, nuclear fusion.

What’s not: Being caught stealing money from pension funds (boo! hiss! poor show…), being priced out of buying expensive coffee, social services (come on guys, get it together), Flavor Flav (saying YEAH BOY! all the time begins to get a bit annoying), Tetleys, arty student types who wear scarves that come down to their ankles (you hope they’ll trip up, but they never do) and Doctor “if I hear another human being sing its praises I’m going to fucking kill someone” Who.

To look forward to this week: Our review of Fourtet at the Exeter Phoenix Centre.


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3 responses to “The Hashmark Week 22/3/07 With What’s Hot, What’s Not

  1. francishobson

    The key word was “almost.” You have not converted me and never will.

  2. mightybench

    Frank we want you to write a football column soon

  3. francishobson

    Doctor who is amazing.
    And I will see what I can do.

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