The Hashmark Week 15/3/07

A word from the editor concerning the current state of affairs: I have to admit, things have been a little bit slack this week. I got home from Morocco on Tuesday, we’ve had some missed deadlines and everything just seems to have been a bit half-arsed. But don’t worry – things are on the up. We had some great submissions this week, despite our failings, including part two of Trumpeter’s US election special, another good Arty Bit, a bizarre but brilliant Andy Lectures and Jimmy’s better-late-than-never musical report, which was worth the wait:

“I was hit with a wall of energy as the three performers jazzed their way through the grooves” Read the article here

The Arty Bit seems to have styled itself as a forum for discussing controversial artists:

controversial work does tend to do well, as more diligent readers of the Arty Bit will have noticed

To look forward to this week: A return to normality, plus JR’s review of the Arcade Fire live.

Miss anything? Here are some of last weeks most popular articles:

 Trumpeter: The Republicans in ’08 – By Francis Hobson

The Arty Bit – Chris Ofili: The Elephant (Poo) Man – By Ben Channon

Trumpeter: The Democrats in ’08 – By Francis Hobson


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