Bikes – A Short Film

“If you’ve never read the third policeman, this will seem absolutely original.” By Will Darkin, Mark Turnock and James Price.



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8 responses to “Bikes – A Short Film

  1. I like the bit where Will wobbles and falls over. He should do that more often; it could be his party trick…

  2. Jim

    It’s pretty marvellous, I like the music too. One question though, what kinda drugs have you lot been doing recently?

  3. Rachel

    You guys have done it again! absolute genius! xx

  4. francishobson

    I finally found an internet cafe with a connection gog enough to watch this, pure brilliance, that soundtrack is an inspired choice. Who is this James Price? And why is he not in the film, or the last one?

  5. Will

    James is rather camera shy, although the film is directed and edited by him. Hes a fellow student here in farnham who likes makin’ films.

  6. francishobson

    I don’t trust him.

  7. Willy

    Actually, he does appear in pancake day, check out the guy sitting next to mark at the bus stop- thats james.

  8. slappers

    we like bikes

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