Around and About – the Arcade Fire, Manchester Apollo 09/03/07

This blogular commentary really is a bit late for some kind of post gig review; but this is because of the wait for the marvelous person only known to myself as Youtube user Steve452 to post this accompanying video of the final encore song Wake Up, from the Funeral LP. Witness many hundreds of people howling, shouting. wailing along to the multiple 00000hs that designate some kind of fantastical chorus to the song. You will find my ridiculous self and Allister (former Hashmark associate and friend) bopping and singing along around 18-20 seconds into the video; if not some kind of proof to our presence then at least some comic relief to this post.

The loud and intrusive singing is testament to the group feeling of elation that follows an Arcade Fire gig; all the evangelical metaphors, hand waving and clapping do lend themselves to this kind of feeling; that is, the performance was spectacular. I might be slightly biased in this case, but isn’t that what being a music fan is all about – the band were tight, small but extraordinary with their projections and red neon flashes. It was mostly new material, but what can this was part of a album promotion and the band has been touring with the same stuff for three years. The performances of Keep the Car Running and Black Wave/Bad Vibrations were particularly brilliant, but the Well and the Lighthouse and Windowsill came close. Other than that, well, the Arcade Fire have certainly got the spirit to take it to this summer’s music festivals; Glastonbury and beyond.


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4 responses to “Around and About – the Arcade Fire, Manchester Apollo 09/03/07

  1. Was it just chance that you were in the video?

  2. Well the guy in front of us was talking to us… and we asked him to post that video… but yeah, it was chance.

  3. willy

    this kind of vid is brilliant for the net. more I say!

  4. mightybench

    you lucky bastards

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