The Hashmark Week 8/3/07

A word from the editor concerning the current state of affairs: This week has seen a flurry of activity – on Monday and Tuesday alone we had six new posts, including our first short film, ‘Pancake Day’:

“Genius.” – Pascoe (Read all the comments here)

Those of you who were readers of the old Hashmark will surely have appreciated the return of The Science Corner:

“Nice work.” – Jimmy

Monday also saw JR’s triumphant return to form – he sent in the long-awaited second installment of ‘I Understand How, But I Don’t Understand Why’, as well as an album review:

“An internet ramble for your musing, with jr2015.”

Three new columns began this week – ‘Sunshine Experiences’ with Jimmy Cheetham, ‘Tea With Jonathan’ by Jon Hackett and ‘The Roaming Football Column’. Luke explains the title:

“it roams, it’s concerned with football, and it’s a column, so it seemed an appropriate title”

Incidentally, we want new contributors for this feature, so if you’re football-minded, why not submit something? Opinion, analysis, anything you want.

What’s hot this week: Shezza (of course)/Os Mutantes/Indonesian airports/multimedia blogs/Lembit Opik/Sian lloyd (mmm…)/Chris Ofili/miscellaneous French films/Wolves/Bath University’s new comedy revue society/a band called Midlake/Bright Eyes (things are hotting up for them)/Paul Cezanne/impending doom/Ed Norton (I went and saw his new film and it wasn’t too shabby)/illegal raves in da wood/films by Mark Will and James/curry/pretending to have cancer to get friends/GTA San Andreas/the band Clinic/wearing a top hat indoors/minimal techno/disco biscuits.

What’s not: Pancakes/the editor (ugh…)/Nobel peace prize winners/Chinua Achebe (he really is shit)/Matthew Barney (so is he)/Britney Spears/stories, plots or narratives/caffeine/Nicholas Cage (the man has done one too many bad movies (ignoring that one on Alcatraz, the one that broke him in Hollywood and Adaptation)/laziness/theism/stupid ‘afghan’ teatowel face scarves worn by art students (Editor’s note: They’re called shemaghs and they’re actually Palestinian. If you’re thinking of what I’m thinking of.)/icecream/Chelsea dagger by the Fratellis/skinny fit jeans/hair straighteners/ pretending one is dyslexic to get a free laptop/Ben- “ol’ tooth n’ gum”/Seamonkeys/ Keane/GTA Vice City (Editor’s note: Whoa! Let’s not diss the classics!)/The Birth- a band/cancer cookies.

This week’s cartoon: Picture Comic Funnies With Ralph: She Was Waiting For Me When I Got There


 To look forward to this week: Trumpeter’s lowdown on the Republican candidates for the 2008
US elections.

Miss anything? Here are some of last week’s most popular articles:

Pancake Day – A Short Film by Will Darkin, Mark Turnock and James Price

The Science Corner Bell‘s Inequality by Robbie Tea

Tea With Jonathan – by Jon Hackett




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  1. Will

    wooah… cartoon does not enlarge

  2. sorry, should be working now

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