The Hashmark Week 1/3/07

A word from the editor concerning the current state of affairs: This week saw the creation of The Hashmark Appreciation Society on Facebook (79 members and counting – join here if you haven’t already), and Trumpeter’s mammoth run down of the Democrat candidates for the 2008 US elections:

“Fantastic article Frank, the most interesting candidate will indeed be Obama…” – Jon Hackett (Read the article here)

Next week the Republicans – expect plenty of support for Newt Gingrich. There was also the welcome return of The Baguette, after a long hiatus:

“That’s right, people, for the first time since The Hashmark’s printed editions wowed the masses, “The Baguette” is returning to our pages”. (Read the article here)

And it proved a talking point:

“Pasoce you will never be the true baguette”. – Ben Channon

Chaz himself sent in ‘Who Is Matthew Barney?’, a piece detailing the work of a guy who enjoys wanking with vegetables up his arse. Unfortunately, there was nothing this week from JR, who failed to provide us with the second installment of his new column. It doesn’t bode well for the future.

What’s hot this week…Shezza/Any games console produced before 1997/Losing your wife AND winning the lottery (jackpot)/Arabic pop videos/Unemployment/Newrave/’Keef’ Richards/Stir-frying/Miss You by the Rolling Stones/Hunting fat Americans with BIG guns/Matthew Barney/Being an alcoholic on medium priced red wine/The Magic Bus/Dissing the Beatles/Wormwood/Newt Gingrich (Go Newt ’08! Freemarket ideals forever!)/Dry wash/Bonnie Tyler/Dillinger (Reggae coke-head, but possibly bank robber as well)/Trendy pillow-cases/Living in a cell/Hotel rooms that look like cells/Friendly taxi drivers/The internet/youtube/When happy slapping goes wrong (watch it here)/gmail/Morocco/Ghana (fifty years of independence people! Yeah!)/Straycats/Gambia’s president curing AIDS (it’s bullshit, but it’s a good cause)/Decent beatboxing/Attacking chavs using motorcades (we have a plan, we will carry it out)/Planning torture/Ice cream/Sunsilk shampoo (NOT conditioner)/Bailing/Tony Blair/Booze/Jews/Faceless capitalism/Pork/Mentalism/Ramparts/70’s terrorists (Baader-Meinhoftastic)/22 week old babies/Dennis Kucinich (no Newt, but who is?)/George Bush as a gay icon/Fighting dirty.

What’s not…Henry Kissinger/
Celeriac/Asking “Whats your cheapest lager?”/Dr Dre/P-Unit/ The Baguette/Doyzhenko/The French/Norah Jones/Fat people/ The Rail Service/Blogs/Scarves flapping lightly in the breeze/Bumming about in the North African Desert/Clean floors/Burning paper/Frothy milk on top of coffee/Bad plumbing/Fake medication/Beatboxing badly/Torture/Heartburn/Couscous/Gaviscon/Katrina and the Waves/Islam/Anti-semitism/The Kooks/Alkaline Trio/Internet banking/Segolene Royal/Peace/Washing/Divorce/Land mines.

To look forward to this week: Jon Hackett’s new politics column, bound to be full of opinion, and Jimmy’s music piece, much promised, never yet delivered.

Miss anything? Here are some of last weeks most popular articles:

The Arty Bit: Who Is Matthew Barney? – By Ben Channon

The Baguette – Inside In Inside Out – By Mike Pascoe

Trumpeter: The Democrats in ‘08 – By Francis Hobson


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