The Hashmark Week – 22/02/07

A word from the editor concerning the current state of affairs: This week saw the launch of some new regular columns, most notably Pascoe’s hip-hop feature and JR’s piece chronicling his trawling around t’internet:

“Introducing a blogular column by jr2015. “Its gonna be totally fuckin’ mexico”.” (Read the full post here)

With next week’s set to be “Second Life in relation to George Orwell’s 1984”, there’s more to look forward to.

The Rev gave us the lowdown on Soviet propaganda films, we had a short story and some photos; all in all a wide selection of material. In terms of feedback, we had a couple of interesting comments. Olddude59 was very complimentary about Kanye West: The Future of Hip Hop:

“Thanks for the well constructed article and sound logic” (Read the full comment here)

And even Jimmy could find little to criticise:

“snoop dogg’s a genius!”

True James, but what happened to the Pascoe hating of old? Come on man, we rely on you for these things. The short story ‘When the Phone Rang’ even gave thedictionaryofoscarmacsweeney the chance to get back into the fray:

“is this a complete story? what’s it’s point?”

Now THAT definitely can’t be construed as positive. You see Jimmy, that’s how how it’s done.

To look forward to this week: The start of Frank’s fortnightly politics column, ‘Trumpeter’. I’ll let him describe it:

“This will be a new fortnightly column, composed by the “Hashmark’s” political editor, Francis Hobson ‘The Duke Of Widecombe.’ It will run every other Sunday, with occasional supplements covering special events such as deaths, elections, disasters and electoral disasters. In terms of remit, it has none besides being a mouthpiece for the Hashmark and a rallying call for political engagement. The column will not at any point try to remain balanced and will only reflect the opinions of the author; neither will it be confined to the politics of the UK.”

Incidentally (due to the fact that Frank is a free-market obsessive), we’re looking for someone to write another fortnightly column championing the other side – interested? If so, email us at and tell us what you would do.

Miss anything? Here are some of last weeks most popular articles:

I Understand How, But I Don’t Understand Why – by jr2015

Cultural Meanderings – by duncannichols

The Sauce, With P-Unit – By mikepascoe

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