The Hashmark Week – 15/02/07

A word from the editor concerning the current state of affairs: This week has mainly seen the posting of some old(er) material from the Hashmark archives by way of kickstarting the blog. We’ve had some enthusiasm (most notably from Chaz, who has been helping me set it all up, and Will who has been quick with some submissions) and we’ve had some feedback, some of it open to interpretation:

“your narrator is a complete fucking twat – well done” (See the full comment here)

Positive or negative? Answers on a postcard. My money’s on positive. (By the way, if the author of the comment is reading this and you were paying a compliment, I apologise for Pascoe’s vitriolic response. He knows not what he does.) We’ve also had anger, namely that of Medvyed, who expressed his unhappiness in our first piece of online Biteback!:

“Duncan, you git: Arabic pop videos are sensational.”

Med, you’re wrong, but it was good to hear from you anyway.

What’s hot this week…

Shezza, Matthew Barney, Apple Macs, Bumming about in the North African Desert, Gustav Klimt, Vodka for Breakfast, Old Tatty Comics, Airplane Parties, Facebook, Black Books, Living like Common People, Blogs, Smoky Jazz Bars, Le Corbusier, Everything Sordid.

What’s not…

God, Smoking like an existentialist, Higher Education, Pablo Picasso, Cider for breakfast, Windows Vista, Faux-swearing (think FCUK), Myspace, This never-ending winter, The UK, Tatty old Magazines, Golddigging, Postmodernism.

To look forward to this week: Pascoe’s much-touted hip-hop column (if he ever does it).


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2 responses to “The Hashmark Week – 15/02/07

  1. JR

    It’s really odd that I have been obsesses with Black Books recently and then its on the WH list.

  2. That just shows how accurate the list is.

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