Album Review – “Surprise” By Paul Simon

2855_image_1.jpgSurprisingly good new album from Paul Simon… nothing like his old Simon and Garfunkel days, most certainly progressed a huge amount as a songwriter/singer, and he’s possibly become a lot more sour than he was when he was young. I did read an interview in NME or something and he said he thought all music from the 60s was crap, and that he finds it hard to find music he likes enough to listen to.. hmm… I think he might be bullshitting for effect. Nevertheless, this is a marvelous album. Fantastic production and ‘soundscapes’ provided by Brian Eno, there’s a genius blend of different rhythms (DnB, Jamiroquai-style-funk, some trip-hop beats) over Paul’s classic melodies lyrics and guitar playing.

By Jimmy Cheetham (you can see Jimmy’s stumblings around the internet here).


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