A Quick Guide To Glasgow

Glasgow is great. After a term and a bit that is the conclusion I have come to. And its far more Scottish than Edinburgh, which felt like it was the kind of place that English retired couples would like to live.

It is divided into north and south by the mighty Clyde. Dispel all myths you have of getting stabbed; however if you really want that from Glasgow there is Southside, home to the infamous Govan and the Gorbals. Glasgow is different to my favourite home city Exeter in that: It’s on a grid system which means with a map and some common sense you should never be lost, and it has a sheer lack of old buildings as the Victorians decided Glasgow was better of without its heritage.

Places to vist:

Glasgow Art School, its well arty

The light House, also rather arty

The West End, full of odd little shops like a charming tearoom in which I spent a Sunday playing chess and drinking cinnamon tea surrounded by furniture which was a cross between what you would see in someones living room and a Shinto temple.

The Secc, Norman Foster building

Barras market, very very large

The merchant city, The ultra hip part of town where the beautiful people hang.

Aston lane , A traditional street of old fashioned pubs, worth a visit just to appreciate its situation overlooked by the vast concrete university towers

What not to say in Glasgow:

“Robert the bruce , what a dickhead”

“I have not watched Braveheart”

“I didn’t enjoy braveheart”

“I support rangers celtic”


Warm clothes; I was told summer, spring and autumn last for 3 weeks in total

The ability to understand a thick Scottish accent

An appreciation of drink; the pubs never close and always seem to have the same types of people in them.

By Rupert Bennet


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