The Baguette – Stan

The music column in which we liken music to a sandwich.

Today’s sandwich: Brie and Cranberry on wholemeal bread, as sold in Marks and Spencers.
The smooth creamy brie combining with the sharp lumpy cranberries is initially reminiscent of Metallica’s 1999 ‘symphony and Metallica’ album, but on closer inspection and after multiple regurgitation and redigestion, is in fact merely rapper Eminem’s hit ‘Stan’.

Smooth and creamy the brie may be, yet it’s just a single flavour, so flat and dull, and Dido’s input in the song is a lot like this, where she is the slightly sickening brie, which, while one could cope with it singularly, Eminem provides some relief but within a few bites, you would rather you had some nice Kanye West or ‘blueberry’.

This is an original Hashmark Article By Allister Creer, written in early 2006


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