The Baguette – 80s Neil

The music column in which we liken music to a sandwich. This month: Tuna and Cucumber on brown bread with pumpkin seeds.

This month my luncheon treat left me with a smelly taste and an unbalanced stomach on account of some slightly off tuna and a sloppy, poorly cut cucumber. This sandwich represented all the albums Neil Young spat out between 1980 and 1990.

I’m not entirely sure that I am going to eat tuna again, as I have been turned right off the metaphorical seafood scene. The 1979 release “Rust Never Sleeps” was made just before the tuna went off, and, mixed nicely with the mayo and served fresh, it tasted delicious.

Neil Young went ‘off’ when his songs were suddenly concerned with computers taking over in the new digital world rather than ‘thrashers rolling through the country fields’. Avoid tuna and all 80s Neil Young.

However, all is not lost; if you managed to get through the 80s and the sandwich in question, you are ore than likely to be left with some pumpkin seeds in your lap. Listen to Harvest. #

This is an original Hashmark Article by Allister Creer, written in early 2006.

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  1. Great site and interesting reading

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