Oxfam Accused Of Selling Out

Oxfam has been accused of pricing its customers out of contention – Glen Ponder reports.For many years Oxfam has been the foremost charity shop on the highstreet, and have always had a loyal customer base (the elderly, people who are shunned by society, skin-flints and thse who are desperately searching for an item to complete a collection). Recently, however, there have been some disturbing changes taking place within the Oxfam franchise. They have, for example, started selling NEW items, like chocolate bars, fair trade coffee and t-shirts emblazoned with politically correct slogans. Needless to say, this is a most disheartening sight for charity shop regulars, such as myself. I have always enjoyed rummaging through branches of Oxfam for loud shirts I know I’ll never wear, trousers somebody has died in and books that are covered in suspect stains and smell faintly of cat piss. New items simply do not fit in with this shopping list.

It also appears that Oxfam are getting ideas abov their station. I have noticed, as have many other customers, that prices have risen of late. Books that elsewhee would be 40p are £1.99, videos are up to £3, and the price of clothes is skyrocketing, to the extent that economists are having to re-address the marginal propensity to consume of mildly retarded people who smell, who tend to frequent Oxfam shops. All in all, its a sorry state of affairs, and one that is threatening to debunk Oxfam’s market share. We tried to contact Oxfam, but they had little to say on the matter. It is, in my opinion, likely that soaring prices are being used to pay for outlandish administration costs. Another member of the Hashmark team (who shall remain nameless) had this to say: “Its them f***in poor people, ‘innit? Them’s getting greedy.” So true, so very true.

This is an original Hashmark Article, written in early 2006.



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2 responses to “Oxfam Accused Of Selling Out

  1. Thanks for sharing this information. Really is pack with new knowledge. Keep them coming.

  2. David

    Easy do as I do and don’t donate anything to Oxfam. I will give it to anybody else but Oxfam.

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