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The Andy Lectures: Italian Neo-Realism

More obscure classics from Farnham film course’s favourite lecturer. This week; rossellini2.jpgItalian Neo-Realism, please excuse the acting. This week we watched Roberto Rossellini’s groundbreaking neo-realist war trilogy, films very few will have heard about. For some reason, Rossellini (right) is one of those directors no one has heard of, but is still very highly regarded. Hmm. Neo realism, by the way, is an Italian style of film making telling stories of the poor and working class using non-professional actors, shot on location, with the camera often set at eye level. So now you know.

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Cultural Meanderings: Plagues, Car Crashes and Bo Diddley

‘Miss You’ – What a fantastic hook; it’s enough to have you dancing around the room chanting, almost religiously, wa wa wa-wah-wa-wah-wa, or something like that anyway. Of course, it’s far from the only catchy riff Keith Richards’ guitar has given the world – I’m thinking ‘Satisfaction’, ‘The Last Time’ (the two stand-out tracks on ‘Out of Our Heads’ – incidentally, the track ‘Hitchhike’ on that album has EXACTLY the same opening as ‘Here She Comes Again’ by The Velvet Underground; there’s a courtcase in there somewhere), ‘Brown Sugar’, ‘Sympathy For The Devil’, etc., etc., etc… But ‘Keef’ is a funny chap (peculiar, not ha ha). In two separate interviews I’ve read, he has claimed that Norah Jones is the most promising artist in the world today. Odd, very odd.

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Trumpeter: The Democrats in ’08

The President of the United States of America is said to be the most powerful man (and man he always has been) on Earth, a leader who controls the most powerful military, the strongest bush.gifeconomy and the country with the most cultural influence. For good or ill, he probably lays a better claim to the title than any other. George Bush is President and will be until January 2009, but he is a spent force, bogged down in a losing war on which much of his political capital has been expended and not at home with a Democratic congress; he is stuck, neither side willing to pay anything but lip service to bipartisan action, especially since Bush shunned the flawed Baker-Hamilton report to follow his preposterous ‘surge’ policy.

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The Arty Bit: Who Is Matthew Barney?

barney-kilt.jpgIn 1994 Matthew Barney exploded onto the contemporary art scene with a video piece named ‘Cremaster 4’, named after the male cremaster muscle, which ‘controls testicular contractions in response to external stimuli’. The series continued with another 4 ‘Cremaster’ pieces, supported by sculpture (generally made from his ‘signature materials’ plastic, metal and Vaseline) and drawings (in graphite and Vaseline). Yes, Vaseline. Just to make this entirely clear when I use the word Vaseline I am referring to the petroleum jelly rugby players rub on their own thighs, and football players rub on each others thighs. The Guggenheim refers to Barney’s work as ‘rife with anatomical allusions to the position of the reproductive organs during the embryonic process of sexual differentiation’, and indeed sexual development seems to be a key theme within the majority of his pieces.

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The Baguette – Inside In Inside Out

It’s time, dear readers, to raise your glasses once again to the greatest music column in the history of the world, the ONLY regular album review to systematically compare its subject with a specific foodstuff. That’s right, people, for the first time since The Hashmark’s printed editions wowed the masses, “The Baguette” is returning to our pages.

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The Sauce, With P-Unit: The Marshall Mathers LP; A Retrospective

Dr. Dre can be called many things; influential, certainly, popular, without a doubt, even the most talented rap producer of his generation, arguably. But despite his many accolades, he is not original, or at least not lyrically. In the early 90s he was doing3a1069aae6323.jpg tracks with MC Ren and Snoop Dogg about guns, weed and hos. Look at tracks from his album “2001” and, lets face it, you still see tracks with MC Ren and Snoop Dogg about guns, weed and hos. He has always been willing to follow the traditions of West Coast gangsta rap, traditions which he, admittedly, helped to create. Rarely has he produced anything other than “big-screen TVs, blunts, forties and bitches” rap, which makes it all the more strange that Eminem, his most successful protege, is about as far away from the rag-wearin’, low-ridin’, Glock-poppin’ gangsta as one can be, rapping as he often does about “homosexuals and Vicodin”.

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The Hashmark Week – 22/02/07

A word from the editor concerning the current state of affairs: This week saw the launch of some new regular columns, most notably Pascoe’s hip-hop feature and JR’s piece chronicling his trawling around t’internet:

“Introducing a blogular column by jr2015. “Its gonna be totally fuckin’ mexico”.” (Read the full post here)

With next week’s set to be “Second Life in relation to George Orwell’s 1984”, there’s more to look forward to.

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